Read the French official communication by clicking here : Informations sanitaires Compiègne


Dear Friends,

Following the cancellation of the CDI de Saumur for sanitary reasons, many of you are contacting us to ask whether or not the ‘Internationaux de dressage’ of Compiègne will take place.

The answer is YES.

At the moment, no cases of rhinopneumonia have been observed in the department of Oise.

Compiègne competition’s site does not have permanent horses in its stables.

Our team, in collaboration with the veterinary services, will take all the necessary precautions for the good running of the competition.

The health of our animals is our main concern.

We look forward to welcoming you all for this new edition of the ‘Internationaux de dressage’ of Compiègne,


Monique Marini