Competition venue

The Grand Parc Equestrian Arena in Compiègne

Aerial photo of the Grand Parc equestrian arena in Compiègne

The site has been adapted to host high-level competitions

The city of Compiègne and its various partners have created a complex that is especially reserved for equestrian competition in all high-level disciplines.

Along with van parking space, the equestrian arena covers 10 hectares of facilities of exceptional technical quality. In fact, trainers in a variety of equestrian disciplines believe this is one of Europe’s finest.

The complex includes:

  • the main grass arena measuring 140m x 120m, with a 70m x 70m warming space.
  • a covered grandstand for 1000 spectators
  • terraces set up landscape-style all around the honor ground
  • an all-weather sand yard measuring 9000m², with terraces on one side,
  • and another measuring 120m x 60m

These two yards share a warming space measuring 70m x70m

  • a hospitality village.

In 2017, a brand new footing has been placed in all the show rings as well as the warm-up and training arenas to provide the best surface and leg comfort for the horses. Arenas has been entirely redone to place a new fiber sans of high quality.